Digital Advertising

WE will design your ad to increase your brand’s awareness, products, services and your location. We’ll design digital avenues to create new and current customers back to your business.

Digital Ads provide a great venue distracting customers from long wait lines and informing them on other services and products your business offers.

Impulse Purchases; 19% of consumers made unplanned purchases after they viewed a digital ad.

Customers engage: 47% specifically recall ads they saw on digital boards, over other mediums.  Which gives your business more value for its advertising budget.

Digital board examples
Digital Signage menu boards

Menu Boards

These boards are not just for restaurants as the name may have you think. They are designed to list your products and services on various sized video monitor(s), regardless of the type of business. You can then decide to buy outright or rent from us.

Not just for restaurants; automotive shops, confectionary stores, clothing stores, lumber yards…  You allot a space and we can place a board in your establishment.

Single screen or multi WE can design the boards to fit any sized project.

Choices are limitless; WE will design the ads, layout and backend programing or if you feel comfortable WE can set you up with everything.  Fear not WE will train you and WE are always a phone call away.

Multi Screen Video Boards 

Sometimes one screen is not enough you need to have a larger screen to display your ads or watch the hockey game broadcast in a restaurant. Contact us for details.

We have 4,6 and 9 screen configurations, let us know the area you want the display and we’ll let you know which size is best suited.

TV broadcasts can be split to have multiple shows displayed in one full boxed unit.

Great way to engage your customers and more prominent the conventional TV, and fully customizable.

Video Wall board

Portable Billboards

Includes a wide variety of displays from full colour outdoor digital boards (4″x 8″ screen) to indoor display tv boards for trade shows, mall kiosks or anything else you need to promote your business.  Contact us and let’s find out which digital display will best suit your needs.

Rent it for 1 day up to one week.  WE are booking one month ahead.

Special Event, Promotion or Sale? Outdoor boards are fully customizable. We will produce the ad(s) all included in the cost.

Fully customizable smaller tv screens (32′ to 50′) available for indoor use, for trade shows or to promote a product.

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Will WE probe you?  Well… we’ll ask questions to understand your company, along with sign the location, wired or wireless connection, horizontal or vertical display, colour or monochrome display, size of monitor and anything else we can think of during our conversation.  Then we will we will work with you to design, build, test and install the digital advertising platform that will increase visibility while allowing your clientele to fully view your products, services or upcoming events.

From menu boards, to poster boards, to multi screen boards WE can build and design a package that will fit your digital advertising needs.

WE also sell cost efficient advertising spots at some of our digital partners locations, Contact us to find out which locations and to receive an advertising package.