Dynamic Outdoor & Semi Outdoor Digital Screens

With a brightness levels starting at around 1,200 nits, many of the outdoor screens boast high visibility in bright environments. For many the clear visibility can deliver a variety of information and imagery to those wearing polarized sunglasses.  Some units may also have a brightness control where it dims during dark times and brightens during light hours to save on power consumption.  These screens are designed to produce in Landscape or Portrait format and with some brands having screens from 22 inches up to 96 inches there a variety of locations these outdoor units can be placed to convey your content.  These screens are designed tough for their outdoor environments with shatter resistant glass and a stronger frame then indoor units however, we would still recommend that you add an enclosure to protect your investment from damage or theft.  Many screens are designed to be waterproof as well as weatherproof against the damaging effects of the sun, rain, snow, dust and wind, which is an essential feature for outdoor applications. Outdoor screens can be used under a wide range of operating temperatures, which results in fewer constraints for outdoor installation, working in temperatures normally between -30c and +50c. Semi-outdoor units are not built for varying climates however have many of the other features a full outdoor unit will have. Most units will have an Operating System using SoC (System on Chip) without the use of a separate media player.  WEMET Media as offers its easy to use cost effective CMS (Content Management System) that will work on most commercial screens without a media player.  However many screen manufactures have now created and are offering their own CMS.

Whether in a window or directly outdoor, these displays convey information, advertising, and other content seamlessly, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. *Always check you manual to confirm product features and limitations as well as contact your sales rep to confirm the correct product for your application.

Effective Areas of Use

Transit Terminals

Transit terminals are bustling hubs where clear and effective communication is crucial such as providing travelers with real-time information, schedules, and advertisements. 

Outdoor Transportation

Powerful signage that can multi-task at the drive-thru lanes as they serve as menu boards, suggest new items, and promote bundle offers while, attention-grabbing digital signs produce mouth-watering images for the hungry patron.

Sidewalk Pylons

Sidewalk pylons are perfect for outdoor advertising, guiding pedestrians, and delivering important messages, ensuring effective communication with each passersby.

Private Box Suite Screens

Don't miss a second of the action with private box screens. Watch as they draw to the screen on a close play and see the replay of the current game or highlights of other sporting events in the area.

Stadium Signage

Elevate the spectator experience by delivering engaging content whether displaying live game footage, player statistics, or advertisements, these displays will keep fans informed and entertained.

Concourse Signage

Generate revenue using the space to advertise as well as, keeping your fans up to date on the game or promote up-coming games/ events while fans visit your concessions or go to their seat.

In Window Signage

Created as an alternative to a full outdoor screen however, these screens are best suited in the window of a retail store where passer-byes can view the products and promotions of a given store.
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