Empowering Learning and Communication in the School Environment

From brands such as BenQ, LG, Samsung and Smart, WEMET Media offers a wide selection of interactive whiteboards and digital displays that will transform traditional classrooms into dynamic learning environments. These screens facilitate interactive learning, allowing students to engage with the curriculum in innovative ways.  Students and teachers alike can visualize complex concepts, participate in collaborative projects, and access a wealth of online resources, making learning more engaging and effective.

WEMET Media as offers an easy to use, drag and drop CMS (Content Management System) that will work on most commercial screens without a media player.  As graphic design and digital advertising has become more prevalent in all aspects of our day, We can offer our CMS as a learning tool for students to post school approved content and have student understand this technology so that they are more prepared after school.  

These displays convey information, advertising, and other content seamlessly, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. *Always check you manual to confirm product features and limitations, or contact your sales rep to confirm the correct product for your application.


Effective Areas of Use


Interactive touch screens with video and audio connectivity can transfer presentations seamlessly from your laptop to the main screen as well as connecting other staff members via conference call technology.

Lobby and Hallway Signage

Are perfect way to promote school functions, upcoming events or emergency safety messages, ensuring effective communication with each passersby.


Interactive touch screens that work with educators, empower them to create immersive lessons that cater to diverse learning styles, fostering a more inclusive and effective educational environment.

Click on the brands below to inform yourself on the products and features each unit offers.

Pylon, LED & Building Signage

We can build and install signage in Greater Sudbury.
We don't have a one size fits all sign, we will create a school sign that demonstrates the schools colours & spirit. We can also get permits completed and ready for install.
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