Enhancing Patient and Visitor Engagement

There are various types of commercial screens that can be utilized in a health care environment, these screens will enhance patient and visitor experiences by delivering beautiful, bright, and vibrant images that communicate vital information in an engaging manner, real time customizable displays reflect the unique branding and messaging of each healthcare facility, ensuring a consistent and professional appearance. By providing real-time updates and important information, digital displays can help create a welcoming and informative environment for patients and visitors alike.  Health Care digital screens are designed to inform visitors about upcoming events, staff bios, medical success stories, and donor contributions. These visually appealing displays are strategically placed throughout healthcare facilities to ensure maximum visibility and engagement. Highlighting the achievements and expertise of your medical staff with bios and success stories, patients and visitors can gain insights into the qualifications and accomplishments of the healthcare professionals caring for them. This not only fosters trust but also showcases the dedication and skill of the medical team. We understand the importance of recognizing and appreciating the contributions of donors, video walls provide a visually stunning way to honor those who have supported the healthcare facility. By showcasing donor names, stories, and contributions, we help create a sense of community and gratitude.

Most units will have an Operating System using SoC (System on Chip) without the use of a separate media player.  WEMET Media as offers its easy to use cost effective CMS (Content Management System) that will work on most commercial screens without a media player.  However many screen manufactures have now created and are offering their own CMS.  WEMET Media offers manufactures CMS along with extended warranties giving unit a total 5 year coverage. *Always check you manual to confirm product features and limitations as well as contact your sales rep to confirm the correct product for your application.

Effective Areas of Use

Donor Walls

Highlight the achievements and expertise of your medical staff with bios and success stories.  Acknowledge those that have helped fund departments, floors or equipment or the hospital.

Wayfinding Screens

In coordination with other hospital markers, visitors rely on these signs to visually navigate around the hospital safely and reach the correct destination. This will also help visitors gain a better understanding of the layout of the building.

Waiting Room Signage

Use of video in waiting areas can can ease the anxiety and distract patients waiting for long periods, providing the content is informative, entertaining and not time stamped.

Patient Rooms

Much like waiting room screens, these screens assist in information as well as time passing as medical care is being given to the patient.


Interactive touch screens with video and audio connectivity can transfer presentations seamlessly from your laptop to the main screen as well as connecting other staff members via conference call technology.

Pylon, LED & Building Signage

We can build and install Hospital signage in Greater Sudbury.
We don't have a one size fits all sign, we create a sign that will fit your needs and budget, we can install your brand signage on your building or road side.  Contact Us!
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