Elevate Guest Comfort with Innovative Technology

Designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of your hotel guests. Integrating content management systems with on-screen checkout and strategically placing screens throughout the property you can improve the guest experience and promote customer loyalty and return visits.  Content management systems feature on-screen checkout capabilities, allowing guests to conveniently settle their bills from the comfort of their rooms. This streamlined process enhances guest satisfaction by providing a hassle-free and efficient checkout experience.  Strategically placed screens throughout the hotel provide guests with valuable information about local events, weather updates, and hotel amenities. These dynamic displays keep guests informed and engaged, enhancing their overall stay, by showcasing local happenings and points of interest, you can enhance the guest experience and support local businesses. Digital solutions promote customer loyalty, driving repeat business and positive reviews for your hotel. Whether you manage a motel or a large chain, digital screens provide consistent performance and reliability across all your properties.

*Always check you manual to confirm product features and limitations as well as contact your sales rep to confirm the correct product for your application.

Effective Areas of Use


Transit terminals are bustling hubs where clear and effective communication is crucial such as providing travelers with real-time information, schedules, and advertisements. 


On-screen checkout capabilities, allowing guests to conveniently settle their bills, as well as cable tv and/or smart tv.

Totem Signage

Totem signs are perfect for welcoming guests, guiding pedestrians, and delivering important messages, ensuring effective communication with each passersby.

Pylon, LED & Building Signage

We can build and install hotel signage in Greater Sudbury. We don't have a one size fits all sign, we create a sign that will fit your needs and budget.
Corporate hotels we can install your brand signage on your building or road side.  Contact Us!
We can also get permits completed and ready for install.
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