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Digital solutions that will enable retail businesses to manage and inform clientele about new products and promotions effectively. By leveraging digital signage, retailers can produce captivating video content that showcases their brand's unique buying and product experience. Capturing customer attention with high-definition visuals and engaging content. Whether you are launching a new product or promoting a sale, our displays ensure your message is seen and remembered. Interactive kiosks and digital signage provide valuable information, assist with navigation, and offer an immersive shopping experience, encouraging customers to spend more time in-store.  Whether you're in a mall or have a outdoor store front Semi-outdoor/ In Window screens are the most engaging way to draw customers. Instantly change promotions and product information, ensuring that your displays are always current and accurate. This flexibility helps you respond quickly to market trends and customer needs. 

Most units will have an Operating System using SoC (System on Chip) that can produce your content without the use of a separate media player.  WEMET Media as offers its easy to use cost effective CMS (Content Management System) that will work on most commercial screens without a media player however we do offer specialized media players as well.

These displays convey information, advertising, and other content seamlessly, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement. *Always check you manual to confirm product features and limitations as well as contact your sales rep to confirm the correct product for your application.

Effective Areas of Use

Video Wall Displays

An effective way to promote instore items as well as distract customers as the wait to be served by staff. It is a conversation piece as well can assist on up selling customers with featured products at the POS station.

Store Front Mall Signage

Powerful signage in either LED or large 85-96" portrait LCD screens that can draw customers to your store.  Promote sales, new products or show branded commercials/ media ads to remind passer-bys of ads they saw before.

Promotional Signage

Great for demonstrating features, how it work, where it can be used and pricing of the displayed product. Combine additional products and show how they work together to increase sales.

Information/ Product Signage

Inform customers of specials in the isle, plus featured products that are on display.  With the correct CMS you can promote timed instore sales and direct customers to that isle.

Promotional Reminder

Great to promote upcoming sales and products as well as adding a QR code to your ad will direct customers to a specific product as well as creating a buyers email list.

In Window Signage

Created as an alternative to a full outdoor screen however, these screens are best suited in the window of a retail store where passer-byes can view the products and promotions of a given store.

Pylon, LED & Building Signage

We can build and install Retail signage in Greater Sudbury. We don't have a one size fits all sign, we create a sign that will fit your needs and budget.
Corporate retailers we can install your brand signage on your building or road side or in a mall. 
We can also get permits completed and ready for install.
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